The Complete Guide to Facebook Ads

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Module 1: Campaign Goals
5 mins

Video Lessons In Campaign Goals

  • 1.1 Defining your campaign goals
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Module 2: Account Organisation
20 mins

Video Lessons In Account Organisation

  • 2.1 Account structure
  • 2.2 Budget setting
  • 2.3 Best practice for structuring your account
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Module 3: Power Editor vs Ads Manager
10 mins

Video Lessons In Power Editor vs Ads Manager

  • 4.1 What is Power Editor?
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Module 4: Targeting
60 mins

Video Lessons In Targeting

  • 4.1 Location, gender, age & language
  • 4.2 Advanced demographic targeting
  • 4.3 Interests & behaviors
  • 4.4 Custom audiences
  • 4.5 Lookalike targeting
  • 4.6 Nested lookalikes
  • 4.7 Website & engagement custom audiences
  • 4.8 Partner categories & combination targeting
  • 4.9 Audience insights

Module 5: Ad Placements
20 mins

Video Lessons In Ad Placements

  • 5.1 Standards Placement
  • 5.2 Instagram & Facebook Audience Network
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Module 6: The Facebook Pixel & Tracking
20 mins

Video Lessons In The Facebook Pixel & Tracking

  • 6.1 Setting up the Facebook pixel in your account
  • 6.2 Troubleshooting the Facebook pixel
  • 6.3 UTM tracking
  • 6.4 How does Facebook’s auction model work?
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Module 7: Bidding
35 mins

Video Lessons In Bidding

  • 7.1 Bidding types
  • 7.2 eCPM & relevance score explained
  • 7.3 How to select the right bidding strategy
  • 7.4 Audience size and how it impacts your bidding strategy
  • 7.4 Calculate the correct bid based on lifetime value
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Module 8: Creative
45 mins

Video Lessons In Creative

  • 8.1 What’s important when creating Facebook ads?
  • 8.2 Text on image rules
  • 8.3 Ad types
  • 8.4 Setting up ads in a campaign
  • 8.5 Leads ads
  • 8.6 Canvas ads
  • 8.7 Testing creative
  • 8.8 Frequency & creative refresh guidelines

Module 9: Attribution
15 mins

Video Lessons In Attribution

  • 9.1 Attribution and different models of measurement
  • 9.1 Setting up Facebook attribution
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Module 10: Retargeting
15 mins

Video Lessons In Retargeting

  • 10.1 The principles of retargeting and dynamic product ads
  • 10.2 Building an effective retargeting strategy
  • 10.3 Cookie duration considerations for retargeting
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Module 11: Campaign Launch
10 mins

Video Lessons In Campaign Launch

  • 11.1 Planning an efficient campaign launch
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Module 13: Reporting
10 mins

Video Lessons In Reporting

  • 13.1 Facebook’s reporting interface
  • 13.2 Daily, weekly & monthly reporting
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Module 14: Optmisation
25 mins

Video Lessons In Optimisation

  • 14.1 What actions can you take to improve the performance of your campaign?
  • 14.2 Pivot tables
  • 14.3 Amplifying positive trends & stopping negative trends
  • 14.4 The importance of maturity curves in measuring performance
  • 14.5 Not driving enough volume? Troubleshooting delivery issues
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Adam Harrison

Course Architect

Adam is our small business expert. He used to work at Google and then Facebook before setting up his own chain of restaurants, Tart London. In his (limited) spare time he advises other small business owners on how to run Facebook ads.

Birgitta Erikson

Course Leader

Birgitta has spent 5 years managing Facebook ad campaigns and teaching digital marketing professionals across a number of different markets. She loves keeping up-to-date with the latest goings-on in digital marketing and is a founding member of Facebook agency, Nest Performance.

Josh Goldsmith

Course Architect

Josh has spent the last 4 years running Facebook campaigns every day. He works with companies in multiple areas, including ecommerce, games and finance. He has overseen millions of $ in Facebook ad spend in hundreds of countries around the world.

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Campaign Goals
Account Organisation
Power Editor Vs Ads Manager
Ad Placements
The Facebook Pixel & Tracking
Campaign Launch
Testing Vs Business As Usual
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was $497 $457 single billing

was $397 £367 single billing

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  • Full access to all course modules
  • New course content updates forever
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